You are feeling misaligned in some areas of your life

You are looking for more wellness, happiness & contentment

You don't have a lot of time but still want to improve your life

We offer busy people life changing programs & events to help you live your best life

Shift Within is a unique platform offering online courses, programs, workshops, retreats and gatherings with a selected group of global consciousness visionaries & changemakers in the fields of mindfulness, holistic wellness, life & business coaching, embodiment, neuroscience and more to support your self-realization journey - and ultimately the transformation of the collective.

In your own time and place, no matter where you are in the world

Minimal Time

Provides 24/7 Community Support & Accountability

Is Enjoyable To Participate In

Brings Life Changing Experiences

Since we launched in February 2018...

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global consciousness Summit

Held on sacred locations around the world, Tounché Global Consciousness Summit is a day-long lifechanging and inspiring soul retreat facilitating the shift within - awakening and nourishing our full potential - encouraging positive change in all aspects of our lives, and by extension, the world we share. Together, we elevate our collective vibration as a creative, loving and caring community. We heal and inspire one another through dialogue, consciousness, yoga, music, dance, performance, sustainability, art and connection with nature. Tounché is a truly diverse gathering seeking to open a dialogue and offer solutions while creating an unforgettable healing experience.

inspiring thought-leaders, wisdom keepers, Global Experts, spiritual visionaries & Healers

yoga & MEDITATION teachers


Art& Conversations

A commitment to Education through Art


Talks program aimed at engaging the youth & young adults in relevant SHIFT WITHIN topics through conversations with African and international contemporary artists. Parents & adults are encouraged to join the exchanges to create bridges between generations.


Join us on Saturday 8 September 2018 World Literacy Day for a celebration of love and literacy

Literacy is Love

with DJ Willy Wow

Self-love is a child's armor against the challenges of the world. Come join a full day of activities to help your children build strong self-esteem with Sharon Nelson, Life coach & motivational speaker, yogini Banesa Tseki and DJ Willy Wow, one of America's best kids entertainer and kids DJ for all of the Obama's invitations incl. their annual Easter Egg Roll.

And more...

Self-Love workshop for children with Sharon nelson ° Reading & Meet the Authors with ethnikids ° Kids Yoga & Meditation with banesa tseki

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Date: Saturday 8 September 2018

Time: 10:30 - 16:00

Venue: Nirox Sculpture Park, Johannesburg

Tickets: R95 children/R150 adults (lunch not included) 

Lunch available for sale on-site

Parents are welcome to join all activities


Shift Within Founder Swaady Martin's spiritual tales for children:

Malaika and the angel

Tales for your children to nurture & celebrate the values that unite us all: oneness, love, compassion, gratitude, mindfulness, embracing differences, being an earth-carer and more.




creating positive collective impact by individual change

SHIFT WITHIN supports the personal growth of Changemakers, all those who challenge the status quo and wish to journey within. 

We love to provide opportunities to learn, share and grow for those who are ready to commit to their own inner development, and who also wish to create a collective impact by individual change.

This scholarship gives free participation to a given program and a private mentoring session with one of the experts.