Join us on Saturday 8 September 2018 World Literacy Day for a celebration of love and literacy

Literacy is Love with DJ Willy Wow

DJ Willy Wow, best known for deejaying for four years at the White House during the Obama administration.

DJ Willy WOW! is USA's #1 KID DJ.

He writes, produces, and performs songs that are age appropriate and that the whole family can enjoy whether babies, toddlers, children, teens, or adults. By applying his talents to creating music that promotes healthy lifestyles, he ensures no one is left out and that his music and entertainment can bring family and friends together.

For more than 12 years, he has created and crafted a variety of music and art that is interactive and energetic. He have played his music in a large assortment of venues such as the White House and the Coca-Cola Factory. Additionally, he has performed for all sorts of parties and events such as birthdays, churches, proms, and concerts. At each and every event he makes the party and brings all the energy and vibes that will ensure everyone has an awesome time!

Willy WOW! brings with him: toe tapping, laughter, singing, and good clean fun. Kids need a fun outlet, and a safe environment to be their creative self.