SHIFT WITHIN supports the personal growth of Changemakers, all those who challenge the status quo and wish to journey within. 

We love to provide opportunities to learn, share and grow for those who are ready to commit to their own inner development, and who also wish to create a collective impact by individual change.

This scholarship gives free participation to a given program and a private mentoring session with one of the experts.

To apply for a scholarship to one of the SHIFT WITHIN Programs, please complete the below application process. Your application will be reviewed by the SHIFT WITHIN team and final approvals will be made by Swaady Martin, Founder of SHIFT WITHIN.


Application form

STEP #1: Create a 1 minute video

Create a 1minute video sharing: "What does SHIFT WITHIN mean for you?"

pload your video to your Youtube account, and then include the link to your video in the application form below.

STEP #2: Complete the below

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