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tounché 2018 took place on saturday 1 December 2018

what is tounché?

[Tounché means SHIFT in the Yorouba language of Benin & Nigeria.]

Tounché is an annual conscious gathering supporting the collective shift through individual self-realization.

Tounché, GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS SUMMIT is a unique annual gathering of consciousness visionaries, yoga and qi gong instructors, healers, artists and holistic health practitioners, who are internationally active in the process of healing communities through the healing of individuals.

Tounché is located one hour outside of Johannesburg, South Africa, on the vibrant and sacred land known as: The Cradle of Humankind (UNESCO World Heritage site), the sacred place where all of humankind originated. The land is deeply etched with the passage of time, fostering a place of enquiry and discovery - contemplation and reflection - inviting universal pilgrimage to restore our connection to nature and nurture our innermost selves. In this spirit, our facilitators represent the diversity of the African diaspora and the world, coming together to immerse ourselves in carefully guided experiences; experiences that honor, nourish, heal, inspire and activate new levels self and collective awareness.

Global Consciousness Day

With the inaugural Tounché gathering, we are instituting

Global Consciousness Day every year on december 1st